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A: Because delivery is not a constant, we don't always have a delivery driver available... so call and ask.  If we have someone available we can take your order over the phone and deliver right to your door for a minimal fee.  If we don't have a driver on staff, order through Lodel.com an they will always deliver! Thank you for your understanding!

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The Aspen Deli!

 Family owned and operated Aspen Deli is an artisan sandwich shop located in Downtown Flagstaff, Arizona that specializes in locally sourced foods and clean label ingredients. Each sandwich is hand crafted using only the best meats and cheeses just as ordered and is sure to tempt the taste buds of any palate.  We believe that to get the best sandwich, we need to use the best possible ingredients. This is why Aspen Deli uses products from multiple suppliers and farms around Arizona and the United States that specialize in the specific items we are serving as opposite to the one stop shop that does it all, including a few of our local friends like the Tortilla Lady and Rising Hy hot sauces.

In a more health conscious world where we care about what we put into our bodies, the goal of Aspen Deli is to had select our meats to not be full of nitrates and steroids, insuring the utmost taste and quality. We understand that when you consume quality ingredients the sandwich that you eat will keep you fuller longer, while keeping your taste buds happy!  At Aspen Deli, we practice a very simple philosophy, if your child cannot pronounce it, we do not serve it.  If you have yet to have the opportunity to give Aspen Deli a try, please join us soon.  We have a feeling you will find your new favorite lunch spot!


Corporate Events ~ Pot Lucks ~ Holiday Parties ~ Breakfast Meetings ~ Sack Lunches

Are you looking for someplace to cater your corporate event, rehearsal dinner, showers, wedding reception, birthday or holiday party? Aspen Deli is the place to go! We have created a reputation in town for providing beautiful sandwich platters and Salads, as well as Breakfast Burritos & Fruit Salads. Visit our menu to view our current catering selections or contact us with your specific requests. We will work with you in making your events meal perfect!